Saft Ferak offers a range of batteries that deliver the efficient and reliable backup power system to telecom applications: fixed, wireless, cable or cellular network. Key technologies include: Nickel-based batteries that are suited for outdoor and indoor applications, as well as a range of Li-ion battery systems developed to meet new application needs requiring high power and energy density, with good performances in floating and in cycling applications.

Key benefits:

  • High operating temperatures (especially in outdoor cabinets), energy saving (by obviating special air-conditioned battery rooms)
  • Optimized weight and volume
  • Performance – long life, reliability, robustness and long storage capability
  • Simple to use: compatible with Telecom charging systems, low-maintenance or maintenance-free.
  • Economics – low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Saft’s battery solutions:

  • Tel.X for telecom 
  • SPH 
  • Evolion® 
  • Intensium® Flex
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