With over 60 years’ experience meeting the rail industry’s evolving power needs; Saft is uniquely positioned to provide your turnkey battery solutions. Saft Ferak batteries provide energy and power for a number of crucial on-board and trackside applications including : lighting, air-conditioning, ventilation including heating, communications, computer systems, door control, engine starting, traction power and back-up power for stationary signalling.  Saft Ferak batteries cover all railway applications: diesel and electric locomotives, motor and electric units, passenger coaches, metros, trams, trolleybuses, heavy hybrid and dual mode vehicle…

For both new-build and replacement projects, Saft Ferak solutions have optimized weight and volume, low maintenance and low life cycle costs.  Following the stringent international standards applied in the rail industry Saft Ferak offers the broadest range of reliable, high-tech battery technologies on the market, meeting all the technical, safety and performance requirements in your industry.

Key benefits:

  • Over 15 years operational life
  • Low maintenance
  • Low life cycle cost (LCC, TCO)
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Custom designed battery systems
  • Compliance with international standards

Ferak’s battery solutions:

Saft’s battery solutions:

  • MRX
  • MSX
  • SNC
  • SRA Standard/LT/HT
  • SRM+
  • SRX
  • Tel.X for signalling
  • Intensium® Max
  • Railway Li-ion solution

For more information on these products: http://www.saftbatteries.com/market-solutions/railways