Quality and Certification

Saft Ferak’s strategy is to provide customers with the best possible battery solutions tailored to their needs. Therefore, all company employees contribute to implementing the best available practices in all fields. It is Saft’s policy to achieve Quality certification for its products and processes – and make it available to customers.

Integrated Management Policy Saft Ferak a.s.

Joint stock company Saft Ferak, manufacturer of industrial batteries, considers 

safety of operations and products, 
human health, 
respect for the environment 
customer satisfaction 
as its main priorities.
We constantly innovate and improve our products and services in order to always achieve higher added value than is common in the competition.
We try to constantly upgrade the level of deliveries by improving our manufacturing and logistics processes.
The key to success is to have motivated, creative and responsible employees. We develop their skills and encourage talents.
Our approaches and targets in quality, environment and safety are shared with our suppliers, in order to satisfy all requirements of our customers.
In each activity we follow ethical and environmental rules, sustainability and minimize the impacts on the environment and comply with the law and legal requirements. Risks prevention, including regular inspections, are our essential practices.