Bring back points

When customers buy new industrial batteries from Saft Ferak a.s., we strongly recommend that they deliver spent batteries that have reached their end of life and that are being replaced to the nearest recommended collection point. This commitment extends to batteries from other manufacturers that are being replaced by Ferak or Saft batteries. From there on, these spent batteries will be transported to authorised recycling plants where the valuable contents will be extracted and incorporated into new products.

All around the world, Saft has identified collection points and recyclers to ensure that the transportation and recycling of spent batteries are performed in an environment friendly way, in compliance with international, national and local laws and regulations. The exception is our facility in Oskarshamn, Sweden, as these collection points are not owned nor operated by Saft.

Below you will find the list of our collection partners who are authorized to receive used industrial nickel-based batteries. Saft Ferak pays for the full cost of transportation from these points to recycling plants as well as all recycling operations. Most of these collection points are also able to organize a transportation service to collect waste from end-users’ sites and deliver it to their collection point.

Czech Republic

Mr. Davenet
Tursko (objekt ZD)
252 65 Tursko
Tel :+420 315 786 026

Slovak Republic

ZOS EKO, s. r. o.
Ing. Jana Antosova
Dielenska  Kruzna  2
038 61 Vrutky
Tel. +421 43 4205 530
Fax:  +421 43 4205 532


Mr Marek Osik
Ol Geodetow 31A
PL-05-500 Piazeczno
Tel : +48 22 756 7052
Fax : +48 22 756 7051

For all other countries, please refer to